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We're here to enable you to utilise the exceptionally versatile, compatible, practical, cost-effective Cinedeck production equipment. Take all the hassle out of post by shooting in your edit format and you'll be comfortable with the knowledge that you'll save time and budget on your production. Cinedeck is the smart choice for TV and Film productions.

If you're looking for a Cinedeck , to hire, rent or buy, this site puts you in control and enables you to source your Cinedeck just when you need it.

If you are a rental company in Europe, then you need to be on this site, so that production companies can find you and rent from you when they're working in your country. Contact us now to get on this site.

If you would like a demo of the Cinedeck production equipment or have any questions at all, we're hoping that this site provides you with all the information you need. Contact us if you have any concerns or would like any advice for your next production.


Pimp my Cinedeck

Whilst the Cinedeck is an integrated production tool there are numerous add-ons that can make your shoot easier. If you need to sync your 'deck for multi camera work there's a plug-in, if you want to remote control it there's an option, If you want a wireless link there's one here, if you need SSD drives they're here and even batteries and chargers. Need a regular eye on this section so that you know what's out there for your Cinedeck.

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